Generac Accessories

Owning a Generac generator helps protect your home in case of a power outage. Our accessories are designed to help you get more life out of your generator. You can protect your generator with official Generac generator accessories. In a colder climate, it is important to keep your generator insulated from cold weather. The bottom of your generator may be susceptible to rodents and insects. You may just want to touch up some scratches with a paint option. Whatever your accessory need, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our catalog and find the right accessories for your Generac generator.

Generac CorePower™ Cold Weather Kit 7kW

Generac Corepower™ Cold Weather Kit 7kw

Generac Cold Weather Kits 8-150kW

Generac Cold Weather Kits 8-150kw

Generac Extreme Cold Weather Kits 22-150kW

Generac Extreme Cold Weather Kits 22-150kw

Generac Fascia/Base Trim 8-20 kW

Generac Fascia/Base Trim 8-20 Kw
  • The fascia base trim for Generac’s home standby generators snaps together to fit around the lower edge of air-cooled units to provide a sleek, contoured appearance. The fascia trim offers protection from rodents and insects by covering the lifting holes located in the base. 
  • Fascia/Base Trim 8-20kW Product Specs (PDF)

Generac Base Plugs 22-150 kW

Generac Base Plugs 22-150 Kw

Generac Paint Kits

Generac Paint Kits
  • The enclosure is the generator’s first line of defense against the elements and it’s important to keep it in good condition. Use the paint kit to touch up scratches and other damage to protect from future corrosion. Kits include the necessary paint to properly touch up a generator enclosure. Please check with your sales representative to verify proper color coordination.
  • Paint Kits Product Specs (PDF)