Keep your family happy, safe, and warm. Residential standby generators provide worry-free emergency power to your home for days or even weeks.


Don't close your doors because of a power outage. Commercial generators provide continuous power to keep the lights on and your business open.

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As part of a company that has been in business for over 30 years, Generated Energy Solutions is proud to offer its service and experience in standby backup power equipment. Our service area covers the entire state of Arkansas, and we have a wide range of products that can suit the need of just about any setup– including residential, small businesses, larger commercial businesses, and industrial operations.

Each of our generators comes with a factory warranty when installed by a certified technician, no matter your preference of fuel type, diesel, lp, natural gas, gasoline, or even dual fuel lp and natural gas, we can handle it. Make the choice today, for your peace of mind, so you can live confidently.



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