Kohler Accessories

Battery Heater Kit

  1. PA-352359 – 14RESA, 20RESA, 14RES, 20RES, 40-150ERES/B/C/D

  2. GM79481-KP1 – Battery Heater for 38/48 kW

  3. PA-358225 – 8.5/12/15/17/18/30kW

  • Maintain optimum battery temperatures

  • Kit includes heating pad and battery wrap to increase battery temperature in cold climates.

  • Battery heater is connected to thermostat for controlled heating.

  • Recommended for generators installed in regions where the temperature regularly falls below 0°C.

Block Heater

  1. 1000W, 120V, 38RCL

  2. 1500W, 240V, 48RCL

  • Get extra protection from winter weather

  • Block heater turns on automatically when coolant temperature drops to 38°C (100°F). Heater turns off automatically when coolant temperature reaches 49°C (120°F).

  • Built-in thermostat automatically turns heater on and off when needed.

  • Block Heater Product Spec Sheet (PDF)

Carburetor Heater

  • Protect in cold-weather conditions

  • Designed to keep moisture from the incoming fuel line from freezing in the engine.

  • Heater has built-in thermostat that automatically turns heater on and off when needed.

  • Recommended for improved cold starting in locations where temperatures fall below 0°C (32°F).

  • Carburetor heaters are offered on 6-20 kW air-cooled units.

  • 120V or 240V available

  • Carburetor Heater Product Spec Sheet (PDF)

 Circuit Breaker Kit

  • 14RESA (APM)

  • 20RESA (APM)

The circuit breaker kits are optional for use only with the PowerSync™ Automatic Paralleling Module. They may be required if the PowerSync is not located in the line of sight from the generator sets. Check your local code requirements.

 Fuel Regulator Heater

  1. GM79141-KP1-QS – 120V, 20 kW

  2. GM79141-KP2-QS – 240V, 20 kW

  • Reliable engine starts in sub-zero temps

  • Kit consists of round heating pad with snap-action thermostat and power cord.

  • Pad mounts directly on fuel regulator.

  • Recommended for reliable engine starting in temperatures from -18° to -29°C (0° to -20°F).

  • 120V or 240V available
  • Fuel Regulator Heater Product Spec Sheet (PDF)

Oil Make up Kit, 6VSG


  • Extend time between oil checks

  • Extends oil-level check interval from every 8 to every 24 hours of engine operation.

  • Extends the oil change interval from 100 to 250 hours of engine operation.

  • Includes 2-quart (1.9-liter) oil reservoir and large sight gauge.

  • Fits inside generator enclosure.

  • Oil Make Up Kit Product Spec Sheet (PDF)

PowerSync™ Automatic Paralleling Module (APM)


  • Provides fuel efficiency and redundant operation

  • Automatically synchronizes two generator sets

  • Provides redundancy – If one generator set requires service or even fails, the other generator set is still available to provide power to your critical electronics

  • Smart generator management runs one generator set when power requirements are low, and automatically starts,synchronizes, and connects the second generator set when the load increases

  • NEMA 3R aluminum enclosure for indoor or outdoor installation

  • Automatic paralleling requires two model 14RESA or 20RESA generator sets with the RDC2 Controller, one RXT automatic transfer and one Automatic Paralleling Module

  • Compatible with RXT automatic transfer switch, Load Control Module, Programmable Interface Module and OnCue®

  • Multiple Patent Pending Innovations

  • PowerSync Automatic Paralleling Module (APM) Product Spec Sheet (PDF)